Chapter 2: Defining Leaders and Leadership

This chapter explains that in order for you to become a leader, we have to understand two things: 1. What a leader is and 2. Understand the nature of TRUE leadership.

It differentiates between the actual position of being a leader versus the function of leadership. Here’s what I understood: a leader is the person and leadership is what he or she executes.

A leader will set the example through their actions. They have a vision to fulfill and everything they say or do will be fuel towards that fulfillment.

One of the most interesting points that Dr. Munroe makes is that a “leader SERVES to benefit those whom he is leading”. That being a leader is more of a privilege, rather than an entitlement. It is an opportunity.

A leader is not one who demands power or dominion over the people. A leader is a humble individual who gains a following because their intentions are sincerely to serve humankind or help it in anyway they can. That’s how they earn the trust of the people.

Munroe goes in depth and distinguishes the difference between what it is to be a manager versus a leader. They are not interchangeable.

Just because you are a manager does not mean you have automatically assumed the role of a leader and vice versa.

He encourages those are not yet managers, but may already hold the qualities and skills that it takes to become a leader.

Below are Munroe’s comparisons between the two:

Do YOU know which one you are already? I know which one I want to be.

Leadership is a process.

Like most good things, leadership takes time and Munroe eloquently explains his version of the process.

It is is devised of six key elements. These components are a fundamental road-map to your journey of leadership. However, this is where I will come to a pause. Can’t spoil the entire book for you!

As cliche as this sounds, Rome wasn’t built in a day and sprucing up the leadership skills won’t take a day either. So don’t get discouraged!

Until next time my dear friends. Come back for Chapter 3.

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