Poet on the Side

On a trip to the beach this past weekend, I felt so inspired by the beauty of the sea that I decided to write a poem. Enjoy!

Ocean (So You Must)

A body of water, immense, endless, deep with mystery, and phenomenal things.
Limitless in all, anticipating the wonders that it might bring.
Much like your potential and possibilities
You can be boundless in all your abilities.
The ocean, so profound, becoming new with every gust.
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

Ocean waves are relentless, unwavering, and untiring.
Crashing against the shore from dusk to dawn and dawn to dusk.
The will to succeed within your soul ought to mirror this entirely,
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

As the ocean harbors many life forms within it for its own preservation,
Feeding the wondrous creatures, and creating the beauty of life.
Harbor in your mind positivity, optimism, and hopeful anticipation
So yours can become beauty, in spite of the strife.
Feed your mind confidence, enthusiasm, and trust.
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

The ocean, much like you, is subject to terrorizing storms,
And yet, it will not cower for it is one of its forms
From typhoon to cyclone, including a hurricane.
It is mighty and powerful, something in your mind you must ingrain.
Have strength to endure a struggle, to build character and become robust.
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

A tsunami inundates all that it can touch.
Your purpose, determination, and discipline should imitate this force.
Wipe away all doubt, laziness, and bad habits as such.
Inundate negativity if it appears on your course.
Allow pessimism to sink in the deep, dark abyss, it won’t be unjust,
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

Although the Ocean can become an unpredictable beast,
Its roaring waves dwindle to a joyous peace.
It calms itself, creating serenity and bliss.
Greeting the shore, not with crash now, but with a kiss.
So if in your life you find chaos, you must learn to readjust.
For if the ocean can,
So you must.

-Dayna Gonzalez

Thank you all for reading all the way through. If you enjoyed it, let me know! Leave a comment! Until next time!

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