Fearing the Unknown

Hello my friends! Welcome, to my wonderful world of ramble.

I wanted to start off with something genuine and write about that which I thought would be an appropriate topic to entertain considering that this would be my first ever blog post. I am quite new to the blogging world and, well, have so much to learn.

It’s a new year and so I decided to couple this new idea right along with it.  I figured it best since I have tons to talk about, or at least, I have tons of nonsense to say. (Nonsense to some, advice to others, rambling to the rest, pick your poison).

Although I’m extremely excited about this new endeavor, I am just as anxious. My mind pondered the possibilities of reaching a quintessential blog, but of course, the little monster of self-doubt awakened and I began to question many things. I don’t know if I will have readers, I don’t know if I will be writing just to map out my thoughts; and truthfully, it’s kind of intimidating to let the world in on my thoughts and ideas. It’s dreadful to know that I may fail, that I may lose motivation or that there might be extreme obstacles to face.


I did it because it resonates deep within my heart and I just can’t shake the feeling.

With that being said, let’s take a look at:


By definition (per this here website), it is defined as the following:

Not known; not within the range of one’s knowledge, experience, or understanding; strange; unfamiliar

Interesting, to me, the way the unknown is described, especially the “not within the range of one’s understanding” part. 

BOOM! The keyword: Understanding!

Not understanding is the epicenter for many fears, after all, it is unknown. I feel as if there is this imagined notion that what we don’t understand may hurt us physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually; but me, for whatever reason, it’s the complete opposite.

When I don’t understand something, I don’t flee it or avoid it… I run to it. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me nervous, but I run to it anyway.

Why? It’s an insatiable hunger of wanting to know what is there, what the possibilities could be. The last thing I want to do is have regret for the chances and opportunities I did not take because I was afraid of what could happen.

The unknown shouldn’t be perceived as darkness, I sure as heck don’t see it that way. When it comes to color, I associate the unknown with WHITE, almost like a blank canvas.  With a blank canvas, you can pick up some paint of any color and create or you can first pick up a pencil and outline what you will create (planners, that’s y’all). It’s an opportunity to create something either utterly atrocious or something splendid and beautiful.

Either way it’s a discovery of potential, of strength, and of knowledge.

That is why I am here before you today, so that you can join me in the journey of where my thoughts, ideas, and writings can take us. I am being optimistic, realistic, and fearful, but still giving it all I’ve got. Hopefully this helps when I look back on my posts and remind myself of how nervous I was and how silly it was to be nervous over something that hasn’t happened yet.

So I leave you with this:

The Unknown is just that, unknown. Just because I don’t know what may lie ahead does not mean that I am not willing to take a jump.

Why fear something that doesn’t yet exist? Why worry over something that may or may not happen.

Take the leap, for if you fall, you can always get back up and if you fly, you soar that much closer to your dreams.


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